Our Story

Rebel Nation is an alternative hip hop band that infuses different genres of music to create a unique and energetic sound that appeals to a diverse spectrum of music lovers. In 2010 Jade Fox formed a full fledged band known as Rebel Nation, who began quickly causing a buzz with their highly energetic and entertaining shows.  As a female fronted live hip hop band, Rebel Nation offers something different that is not present in today’s market. Blending hip hop with elements of reggae, funk, R&B, and rock, great range is shown in the diversity of creativity that keeps Rebel Nation from being placed in a box.  The band consists of members from all across Maryland who each bring their own style and energy, combining effortlessly through undeniable chemistry and resulting in musical pieces that takes listeners through a variety of feelings, emotions, and excitement. Drummer Billy Dangerous has been the consistent heartbeat of the band since it began forming and finding a sound. Guitarist Nic Richards soon joined and was able to bring clear creative direction as well as bringing in the talents of bassist and producer H.I. to the band.  In 2013 Baltimore veteran emcee McCracken joined Rebel Nation, adding even more lyricism and energy to every song's content and performance. Add in back up singer Naomi accenting the catchy and notable melodies and flows in every song and Rebel Nation is not just a band that catches your ear but that truly captures all of your senses reminding you that music is an "experience"  Show after show they have proven their ability to pull in and captivate audiences from the first song to the very last. With the music speaking for itself as an honest form of self-expression that is entertaining and related to by many, Rebel Nation is poised to become a known name in the music world.

Rebel Nation on the set of their music video for "Carpe Diem"
photo by RNS 3 Photography

Rebel Nation on the set of their music video for "Carpe Diem" photo by RNS 3 Photography


In a hip-hop game dominated by male rappers, comes a refreshing new sound and look in the form of hip hop artist, Jade Fox.  The female mc, who is of Black and Asian heritage, proves that intense lyrics and crazy flows aren’t only for the guys.  Combining the skills of a lyricist, mc, and a poet, Ms. Fox is able to transform music instrumentals into thought provoking masterpieces.  Describing herself as “that underground female with commercial appeal,” Jade Fox shows it is possible to create entertaining music with substance, a combination not often heard in today’s pop driven market.

Great range is shown by the female mc through songs touching on serious aspects of living life to battle rhymes for all who doubt her.  With the release of two albums, Ashes of Another Life and Eternal Flame it is evident that Jade Fox is constantly evolving as an artist.  Her evolution led  her to forming the band Rebel Nation. A wide range of influences which include Bob Marley, Tupac Shakur, Lauryn Hill, Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix have provided a foundation for Rebel Nation to create a refreshing and universal sound.  More information on Jade Fox can be found at www.jadefoxmusic.com and www.facebook.com/jadefox410 


McCracken (aka illy ripken) reps for the underdogs. The veteran baltimore emcee has been making a name for himself since 2000. While his bars measure up with the best of them, he never minds poking fun at himself. Best known for his stage show he has performed countless shows up and down the east coast with Minlus & The Bootlegger Crew, his former bands Opposable Thumbs, Pasadena, and as a solo act. He has shared stages with several renowned acts such as Rakim, Method Man, Redman, Lupe Fiasco, Slick Rick, Guru, And Jedi Mind Tricks just to name a few. Being that McCracken is influenced by ALL forms of music, the Rebel Nation Crew has proven to be a perfect fit. Get in where you fit in and get live!!

Nic Richards

Nic Richards came to be, out of the frustration and confusion of life. This man from Edgewood Md is a talented and gifted artist/writer/musician/producer that loves and envelops all genres of music. From Hendrix to Bach, Hall and Oates to The Rolling Stones, Chili Peppers to Rakim, the list goes on and on with his musical influences. 
June 15, 1995 was technically the day Nic Richards as an artist was born even though he had yet to officially declare his stage name. On this day he found himself at the end of a 2 year relationship of that 1st "puppy love". It was an ending without any real closure that left him with feelings of confusion and uncertainty.  Not knowing what to do with those feelings, Nic turned to music where he found solace and reason. In the past he had always sang in church where he naturally had the ability to sing correct notes and harmonize with melodies. Singing was not his only musical ability, as he learned and practiced the trumpet for six years. However, he had never picked up an instrument and just played what came to him until the aforementioned day in June. His brother H.I., who is also a member of Rebel Nation, let Nic hold his keyboard while away for the summer. A 16 year old Nic began to play without lessons and boundaries and that is when he realized he had never experienced true expression until that moment. He immersed himself into his music, and by summers end, 5 songs were written from the beautiful passion he found in pain. A few months later, as many of his friends began playing guitar, Nic's brother H.I.,once again sparked a creativity flame in Nic and gave him an acoustic guitar. While Nic's intentions were to focus on learning to play drums, he started playing guitar with his friends out of the boredom of not having his own drum set. It was only a matter of short time before he crossed over into the electric guitar realm. In November of 1995, Nic bought a beat, old, no name guitar from a classmate for $30 and the rest is history. The sound coming through an amp was completely different from that of an acoustic guitar and he was hooked... 
As an adult Nic has worked with producers, artists, and film directors from the mid west to up and down the east coast. As well as keeping true to his church roots when he can, Nic is still an active musician in many churches. He has played, produced and/or recorded with artist and bands such as Delinquent Younginz, Paul Dunbar, Lerry Flint, Travis Higgins, Izzy Dead and Femi The Dri Fish and the OWX. He is also currently involved in another project by the name of Ill Luck. Nic's work has appeared in a nationally televised commercial for the 2012 zombie run which aired during the Walking Dead premiere. His work has also been in a few different indie films. Did we mention you can still catch him at church on the occasional Sunday morning or afternoon?   
When it all comes down to it, Nic Richards is just a shy dude with life issues that he doesn't like to discuss and so he created a way to express and channel his feelings through his music.

Billy Dangerous


Both introverted yet eccentric, Harry Teabout, Aquarius/Goat, was born on January 31st 1979 in Baltimore, Maryland. As a keyboardist, guitarist, engineer, and producer/artist who goes by the moniker, Harry the IV aka H.I.V. (for his “sick” improv, verbal delivery and production talents.) After developing an interest and becoming involved with music at about 8 or 9 years, he began singing and playing the bass at his church. From there, young Harry would later go on to join the Maryland State Boys Chorus from 1993 to 1997. During the summer of 1998, he would release a mix tape hosted by Luck Luciano entitled “All Pro Volume One”. Shortly thereafter, he began working at Infiniti Studios in Edgewood, Maryland in 1999. In late spring/early summer of 2003, he released “Pauly Spitz: A Criminal Prayer”. After four years of paying dues at Infiniti, in late 2003, Harry went to Rockville, Maryland and enrolled at the renowned Omega Studios’ Production Engineering Program in order to hone his engineering skills. He would later go on to establish P.P.E. (Positive Perception Entertainment later that year. In 2011, Harry started with Rebel Nation as a keyboardist then later playing bass.  Harry has worked with numerous local artists such as “Black Washington” of Washington, D.C., Sierra leone artist “2-Four”, up-and-comer “Reggie Redd” of HLMG, Authentic Core CEO/Artist “Shatiff”, and Larry Flint among others. Future plans and endeavors include starting and working with a non-profit organization on H.I.V./A.I.D.S Awareness and working to making music more accessible for underprivileged students.


Grace-Naomi, the newest vocalist for Rebel Nation, is also a published author and jewelry designer living in the greater Baltimore area. Originally from El paso, Texas, Naomi soon found herself traveling the US due to her military upbringing. Her travels led her to Baltimore, MD where she currently resides and calls home.  Although Naomi boasts many artistic interests and skills, her love of performing is at the top of the list. From the age of five she has performed in local theatre productions as both an actor and singer. At the young age of eight she was part of her first large arena onstage presentation with the popular Christian band, Silverwind. Throughout high school and college Naomi competed in various competitions as a singer with many accredited ensembles. Memorable performances include singing "The Star Spangled Banner" for a Washington Capitals game and bringing down the house at Epcot Center in Florida as a pertinent voice in her college gospel choir. Naomi is also a published author that is in the process of penning two new books. Her first book and memoir, "Skewed Psyche", has been gathering 5 star reviews since it's publication in 2011.  Ukazoo Books sponsored Grace Naomi's first book signing which made Towson's Top Ten Events, allowing Naomi to reach a wider audience. Recently she and fellow vocalist Jade Fox of Rebel Nation collaborated on a theme song for her memoir which is also entitled "Skewed Psyche."  The raw but poetic lyrics parallel the theme and tone of the book the way only music can. Naomi's creativity is not just limited to music. Her local jewelry line, Naomi Originals, has sold pieces all over the US and in other countries around the globe. Her pieces can be found on Facebook with new unique and original items posted monthly. An artist through and through, Grace-Naomi is thrilled to be involved in so many creative endeavors and is excited for all the amazing opportunities that lie ahead for Rebel Nation. 
Grace-Naomi can be reached at: naomioriginals@gmail.com