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Hello Young World!!!

So happy that you are checking out our brand new website!!  Our brand new single, "Carpe Diem" should be playing right now as you are reading this.  This is the place to come visit to check out all the new and great things that are going on with Rebel Nation.  Should your ears love what you are hearing right now then you can purchase our songs "Carpe Diem" and "Beer Song" right on this website.  And as a bonus the song "Skewed Psyche" can be downloaded for absolutely FREE!! "Carpe Diem" is also available on ITunes, Amazon, Spotify, and basically all music digital outlets. We worked with NRG Vision for an awesome professional quality video for "Carpe Diem" that will be released in the beginning of October.  Also, the band is in the studio working hard on their first album that we hope to release in the upcoming months.  It really is something to look out for.  Make sure to keep coming back to see and hear all about our new music and the adventures that come along with it.  Rock on and JOIN THE REBELLION!!  And don't forget to sign our guestbook!!

One Love

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